Meet Our Three New Winter Interns: Danielle, Kathryn, and Shelby

3Points Communications
7 min readJan 13, 2021

One of the key challenges of 2020, for 3Points and almost any other business, was how to continue doing the things that have led to success in the past when the present is so different and the future is so uncertain. That certainly goes for our services, which had to be adapted (or created) to be 100% virtual. But it also applies to our internal operations and structures, such as our internship program.

Our interns have played an important part in our growth in recent years, with multiple interns becoming full-time employees, and one even becoming a client. So while the internship experience is different without an in-office environment, we were very pleased to have three talented new interns join our team at the end of 2020: Danielle Cervelli joined as our design intern, Kathryn Pappageorge joined our Chicago Tech practice, and Shelby Ponder joined our Fintech practice.

They are already doing great work, and we’re hopeful that our clients (and we ourselves) will be able to meet them in person before too long — but in the meantime, check out the short Q&A below to get to know them virtually!

Danielle (top-left), Kathryn (top-right), and Shelby (bottom) have seamlessly adapted to the 3Points culture despite the remote work environment

What interested you about working in PR, and at 3Points specifically?

Danielle: I graduated with a degree in graphic design and a psychology minor from Illinois State University. What has heavily influenced my love for design is the social and cultural impact it has on society. People consume visual information every day, from storefront logos to packaging to content on their favorite social media site. Being able to design art that communicates effectively with the public is crucial, and shows how important the relationship is between graphic design and public relations. I was excited to start working for 3Points because of the opportunity to design a wide range of work for different clients. After meeting with 3Points’ content team, it was clear that they had a strong initiative to produce innovative design within a collaborative atmosphere.

Kathryn: I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in May with an advertising degree and psychology minor, and after reaching out to alums in advertising and marketing positions, I stumbled upon the possibility of working in PR. I’ve always loved writing, branding, and storytelling. PR felt like a natural next step for me. I also joined a mentorship program called She Runs It, which focuses on women in tech, marketing, and media, and that’s where I discovered that tech PR exists. I was interested in 3Points because that’s exactly what the firm specializes in, and the work the team has done for startups was impressive. From 3Points’ social media, the company culture appeared warm and collaborative as well.

Shelby: I unintentionally fell into public relations after being rejected from the business school in college — those accounting classes really did a number on me. I immediately turned to the journalism school, where I was advised to pursue the PR route. I graduated from the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Georgia with a PR degree and a Spanish minor in 2019, but it was not until recently that I fully realized the extent of opportunities this industry holds. Shaping the narrative of a company, and even an entire industry, through creating solid, authentic relationships is what reeled me in; creating win-win-win situations as I’ve pictured it in my head. As to what attracted me to 3Points specifically, well, the world works in funny ways. A friend and I had actually been discussing the importance of financial technology a few weeks before I found this opportunity at 3Points. With that conversation in the back of my mind and the pandemic hastening the digitization of the financial industry, in the end, it was the combination of two powerhouse industries and an amazing company culture for me.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned so far about your specific practice?

Danielle (Design): The most interesting aspect I have learned in design since interning at 3Points has been how to incorporate new design concepts while maintaining clients’ current brand identity. It has been a fun and engaging challenge to maintain a client’s current brand while applying modern design trends, whether it’s through animation, social graphics, or a white paper report. It has also shown me the value of trust in relationships between client and agency.

Kathryn (Chicago Tech): With Chicago Tech, I like that during a single day, I can work on media coverage, podcast prep, pitches, branding, and social media, and attend client meetings. The most interesting thing I’ve learned so far is how many different avenues and angles we can take to amplify the companies we work with. Earned media is truly earned. Each company we work with helps make the world better in some way, and it’s refreshing to see that and help boost their message.

Shelby (Fintech): I love that financial technology can change, not only day-to-day, but literally at any minute of the day. Everyone is constantly trying to create something better than the next, so there is a revolving door of updates. Staying current with news and trends is now much more than my dad insisting that we watch the news every day. Seeking information is essential to participate in society for both individuals and companies alike. I came into this internship understanding the importance of fintech, but with limited knowledge; now, however, this industry has taken a firm grip on my attention.

What is one routine you’ve picked up that has helped you adjust to remote working?

Danielle: Working in the field of graphic design, I was already adjusted to working at home from my laptop before the pandemic. However, one thing that has assisted in remote work life is making sure my desk space is clean and organized to ensure focus throughout the workday. That and a lot of coffee.

Kathryn: Before work or after work, I try to get outside for a walk by the lake. I’m always a better version of myself after I clear my head for a bit. My favorite thing is to either listen to a podcast or throw on a playlist.

Shelby: I often find myself switching rooms in my house to work from. With “headquarters” being my bedroom, sometimes it’s hard to stay focused and not hop back into bed. Making sure that my bed is made the second I get out of it is crucial, but room-surfing has also become something that helps me get a new perspective when I feel stuck.

What is one (non-work-related) hobby that has helped you get through this year?

Danielle: One hobby that has helped me get through this year has been recreational reading. It is a good way to relax and escape from the current stressful situations going on in the world. My favorite reading spot is in my backyard hammock; safe to say I am patiently waiting for spring to come.

Kathryn: Digital photography. I got the chance to explore Maine this summer with my sister, and we stayed at a farm right outside of Eastport for a bit (fun fact: Eastport is the easternmost city in the United States). It was the highlight of my year to take photos of such beautiful places while hiking, helping out at the farm, and whale watching. I don’t use anything fancy, just shooting with my iPhone and editing with VSCO, but it really serves as a creative outlet for me.

Shelby: Sports. One reason I came home to Georgia, from Chicago, in March was all the room for outdoor activities here. It was so refreshing being outside; I started running and playing soccer and tennis again, sometimes for hours at a time to pass the days. Soccer has always been a major part of my life and one of my favorite places to be is on a soccer field, so it was amazing to get back to playing, occasionally up to five times a week.

What is the first thing you’re looking forward to doing when Chicago reopens?

Danielle: If Chicago were to reopen in the winter my first stop would be ice skating at Maggie Daley Park. My family and I have gone ice skating there every year since it opened and it is one of my favorite family activities. However, going to the Art Institute of Chicago would be my first stop any other time of the year.

Kathryn: I’m most looking forward to going to Pitchfork or Lollapalooza again. I’ve missed live music so much this year! It’d be a dream to see Tame Impala, Goth Babe, Glass Animals, or Beach House in the future.

Shelby: Being from Georgia, I am looking forward to a full-blown Summertime Chi — and yes, I will refer to it as a proper noun like it’s a whole event you’d buy tickets for. I moved to Chicago in September of 2019 and got a little taste before we holed up for winter, and then for COVID. My first summer in the city was within reach, then launched into the distance once again. Hopefully soon I’ll finally get that whole experience.