From Intern to Client: Catching up with Aeris’ Nick O’Brien

You started with 3Points as an intern and one year later you were a client — what was that experience like and in what ways was it different than you expected?

What was your biggest takeaway from your internship at 3Points?

How did your experience at 3Points help you start Aeris?

What have you learned about germs and public health through your experience with Aeris? What is one thing the average person should know about surfaces and infectious diseases?

How was it living in San Diego with your two co-founders while getting the manufacturing up and running? What was the most fun thing you did there?

You’ve been doing a lot of influencer marketing for the Aeris phone case. What was your strategy and what are the results you’ve seen?

Can you tell us about the hospital donation project?

What are your goals for the future, with Aeris and in general?



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