Meet the 2019 3Points Summer Interns: Nick O’Brien and Kayla Feldstein

Kayla and Nick get into the 3Points spirit with our green orbs

Why are you interested in PR and communications?

Nick: I decided to intern in PR for a few reasons. At a high level, communication is a foundational skill and being an effective communicator will always be a valuable trait. The work itself offers a variety of challenging projects in a fast-paced environment with exposure to the tech industry — all things I had hoped to find in an internship.

What are you most looking forward to learning at 3Points?

Nick: I’m most looking forward to getting a crash course in navigating networks of people and building relationships. I think that PR work, especially earned media, tends to be opaque to people outside the industry, so I’m excited to learn how to strategically connect and exchange value with professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

What is your favorite class you’ve taken so far in school?

Nick: That’s tough… I have to go with Ancient Philosophy, taught by Prof. Scott Aikin. It’s fascinating how much of our value system and ideology can be traced back to thinkers from millennia ago. I’m a big fan of the work of Seneca and Marcus Aurelius, Stoic philosophers who provide timeless insights on the ‘good’ life. Stoics argue, for one, that we’re all subject to an unpredictable course of events and the only source of control comes from being intentional about our responses to these events. Stoicism isn’t a bulletproof ideology, but I think there’s a lot of value in cultivating an internal locus of control that isn’t disrupted by external outcomes. My favorite works by Seneca and Marcus Aurelius are On the Shortness of Life and Meditations, respectively.

What’s something interesting about your school that most people might not know?

Nick: Al Gore once dropped out of Vanderbilt, then returned, and then dropped out again. He still guest lectures every once in a while. Vanderbilt is also the only campus in the country that’s classified as an arboretum (forest preserve).

You’re both from the Chicago area — what is your favorite thing about Chicago summers?

Nick: I’ve always loved how Chicago transforms in the summer. My favorite activities this time of year include golf, backyard grilling, and festivals.



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