#WhyT4Y: How We Built a Social Campaign for T4Youth 2019

The Lead-Up

The social team and I wanted to utilize T4Youth’s social media platforms for the event differently than in years past, to shift the focus from the Chicago tech community playing ping pong together to the reason we play in the first place: the students of ChiTech. Inspired by the #ALSIceBucketChallenge and its massive impact on social media, we wanted to inform people about what drives T4Youth’s mission and create an active way for audiences to engage with our posts, but we knew that our campaign needed to be tailored to fit T4Youth’s voice. This is how the #WhyT4Y social media campaign was born!

  1. Ask companies with teams signed up for T4Youth 2019 to record a video less than a minute long that would not only demonstrate the team’s table tennis skills, but more importantly, explain why they were participating in T4Youth.
  2. Follow up with companies one more time if they needed a little extra nudge to get involved.
  3. Post these #WhyT4Y videos on social media to help promote this new campaign as well as the T4Youth 2019 event.

The Big Day

After a month of planning, posting, and practicing my ping pong skills, the big event was finally here! At first, it felt like any other day at the 3Points office, but once the afternoon hit and I made my way to SPiN Chicago, I knew things were about to get exciting.

The Takeaways

T4Youth was a one-of-a-kind experience. Seeing it come together from the ground up was one of the best experiences from my internship. Being involved in T4Youth opened my eyes to the amount of work it takes to put an event like that together. More importantly, T4Youth made an impact on me by showing me what it’s like to be part of something bigger than myself and giving me a way to become involved in the Chicago tech community, a community that I have only recently become part of. Overall, it was an incredibly rewarding experience and something I look forward to taking part in for years to come.



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