What’s Old is Revenue Again: Nostalgia Marketing Tactics

Nostalgia and Generating Revenue

Successful Nostalgia Marketing

“Making Old New” Tactic

2010 Magazine Ad/February 2020 Ad

Brand Collaborations Tactic

Nostalgia campaign gone wrong

Implementing Nostalgia Marketing for Your Brand

Suggested Tactics

  • Refreshing an old mascot or image
  • Visually comparing an updated brand design with a previous one as contrast, using typography, color, photography, logo, and graphic elements to show continuity despite change
  • Visually juxtaposing old products, content, or ideas with the brand’s new offering to show progress and modernity within the brand
  • Two established brands cross-campaigning
  • Newer brand collaborating with an established, older brand
  • Mocking/humorizing the nostalgic elements in your campaign
  • Using too many current brand elements in an era-based or themed campaign



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