Welcome to our third summer intern, Northwestern’s Christine Marella

What interested you about 3Points?

The smart, dedicated members of the team, as well as the community they seem to share. I was initially drawn to the environment in which 3Points operates — one that values candor and communication, in particular. Also, when I first met everyone at the office during my interviews, I sensed that they welcomed individuality and unique personalities in themselves and in each other, and I immediately felt comfortable.

What are you looking forward to learning this summer?

Anything and everything. Obviously, my focus will be on learning as much as I can about what happens at a small PR firm. The extraordinary part of this opportunity is that learning is allowed at a granular level. I’ll get to witness details of business management and PR practice that I’d normally never be exposed to at a larger company.

What has been your favorite class at Northwestern?

This past spring quarter, I took a course called “The Art & Science of Aging.” Three reasons I loved the class: one was that Dan McAdams, a stellar professor and ultra-famous psychologist, taught the class. Second, class content was (and still is) applicable to how I think about my situation as a young person. Age and aging frames our values, beliefs, and everyday activities. Once you realize this, it’s like you’ve opened another set of eyes and suddenly you see the world very differently. Third, I was launched into existential crisis on a near-daily basis. That in itself was both challenging and inspiring — by the end of the course, I felt I’d grown both intellectually and personally.

What types of things do you like to do outside of school?

I’m an obsessive data consumer and a lover of literature, which means I’m constantly reading. This also means that what I read varies. On the data-collecting side of the spectrum, I’m reading anything from The Wall Street Journal to blogs like The Cut and Into the Gloss. Before I buy anything, attend an event, or eat at a restaurant, I read reviews and do the research that will assist me in making the most informed decisions (yes, even about what to eat).

So why exactly are you a coveted editor, and what’s your photo-editing process?

I’m honestly no professional — photo-editing, at least for Instagram, requires only a basic understanding of aesthetics and composition. I edit all iPhone photos on an app called VSCO, normally making the photos brighter, adjusting straightness of the horizon, and upping saturation or adding a filter. The strategy is to ensure a photo doesn’t look over-edited, but rather that it ends up clear, bright, and balanced.

What are you looking forward to doing in Chicago while you’re here this summer?

Exploring, eating, and being outside in the city in actually enjoyable weather. This being said, I haven’t put together a bucket list, so am very open to suggestions!



PR & Communications for Fintech & Chicago Tech. www.3ptscomm.com

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