Want to Get Acquired? Think PR

Lessons Learned in Building the Brand

  • tradeMONSTER and OptionsHouse weren’t the first or only companies in their space. In fact, there were a number of other online options trading platforms, and this made crafting and delivering a strong message all the more important. In a competitive situation, having a clear and distinctive message that is delivered consistently can make all the difference in distinguishing you from the pack.
  • A successful PR campaign delivers your message and amplifies that message in a way that generates more power for your brand. When it works, a good PR campaign raises your company’s profile among everyone — potential acquirers and investors included. For OptionsHouse, we saw this happen through powerful media placements, such as a Wall Street Journal article on the addition of credentialed CTO (and all-around good guy) Lance Braunstein, and top-3 rankings in the Barron’s survey of online brokers in 2015 and 2016.
  • A good PR agency is your partner and can help beyond the three pillars of earned, owned and social media. In the case of tradeMONSTER / OptionsHouse, 3Points helped in creating taglines and unique, differentiating services — à la “Proactive Investing” and “tradeSHARE.” While your PR partner certainly won’t execute all of the day-to-day, down-in-the-trenches activities (i.e. product development, direct sales) that lead to core success, they can nevertheless be much more than passive creatives that only do the minimum to meet their commitments. At 3Points, we become immersed in our partners’ businesses, spending time at their locations and learning everything we can about what makes their businesses tick.
  • Once your PR work has helped you become part of the public discourse, it can create a frenzy among potential investors — they all want to get in while it’s hot, and they don’t want to be beaten to the punch by rivals. Now, more than ever, it’s important to keep on delivering for the brand. As the business faces an ever-changing landscape of ups and downs, a good PR agency will learn, react and adapt to the changing conditions. It’s far too often that early momentum is squandered and lost by a lack of follow-through and adjustment. A savvy PR partner will know how to capitalize on and amplify success in a way that will create interest in your company and certainly puts the market on notice.

Pulling together the recipe for success



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