Talking with Oliver Renick about the TD Ameritrade Network, Over-The-Top Content, and More

When and why did you decide to join TD Ameritrade Network?

I joined almost exactly two years ago, in October 2017. At the time, the TD Ameritrade Network was a single trading show, but it’s now branched into a full suite of programming, with eight hours of live content per day, and more live shows being launched.

Can you tell us more about the Network’s mission and value proposition?

I’ve covered markets since college, and I noticed a lot of content seemed to be overlooking the end consumer. It has drifted away from the core purpose of financial journalism. The market is becoming more volatile, people are asking for more information, and we need to be providing better utility today.

You mentioned over-the-top content — why is OTT such a game-changer?

Simply put, we know what people are interested in, content-wise. The analogy I like is, growing up, I loved football, and I would watch highlights on ESPN. But that also meant I had to wait for hockey, baseball, etc., sometimes before I could see my football highlights. Now, I can just sign up for the NFL’s package and not have to worry about the other sports. Same thing for hockey, baseball — they all have their own networks..

How do you maintain journalistic integrity alongside TD Ameritrade’s brokerage business?

That was a priority when we started this, to keep church and state separate. There is a clear independence that the Network has. We’re not promoting things, there’s no advertising of [TD Ameritrade’s other] content and products. Content-wise, it is all market analysis all the time.

How do you straddle the line between being entertaining enough for people to tune in while still being substantive?

The catchphrase I like is “utility over entertainment.” I believe people want to learn and are excited when they feel they’re getting something useful. The mass appeal of the internet clickbait boom — I think that’s largely passed. There was a peak of that, and it has since shifted.

Where do you see the Network going in the next year or so?

It’s a very interesting time for markets. Everybody has a different view. What happens next, with the end of monetary policy as the only game in town? We don’t know what will happen. What I know as a news anchor is that there is going to be a demand for coverage that has not been seen during this bull-market cycle. We need to figure out the best way to analyze these topics. I see more technical analysis becoming prominent again [and also] deeper interviews with mid-/small-cap companies’ CEOs. Whatever it is, we will have to be ready to adapt and meet the demand.



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