Talking Crypto with Hehmeyer’s David Nuelle

Hi David, thank you for speaking with us. In your words, what went into the decision to reinvent Hehmeyer and focus on the crypto space?

After all of the boom and bust of the past few years, what makes now a particularly notable time for cryptocurrencies?

How did you get introduced to Global DCA?

Why does the crypto industry need Global DCA?

What lessons should crypto learn from traditional capital markets? And, vice versa, what lessons can traditional capital markets learn from crypto?

What are the biggest challenges facing the crypto space today?

What are three big industry changes you see in the upcoming years?

  1. I think you’ll see retailers start to adopt crypto services and tokens for their businesses. We’ve already seen this to some extent with Bakkt’s relationship with Starbucks — ultimately retailers will adopt it, driving mass adoption.
  2. I think there will be a number of innovations as it relates to ways you can transact crypto and crypto-related services. People will start to adopt smart contracts. They will proliferate, we will rely less on centralized authority and more on decentralized oracles in that space.
  3. I think you will see conventional banks offering the ability to hold crypto and fiat in one account, and that will be a breakthrough.

Any final thoughts as we wrap up this interview?




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PR & Communications for Fintech & Chicago Tech.

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