Take Notice, Not Notes: Insights from Our Female 3Pointers for Women’s History Month

Lorna Kiewert, VP, Director of Fintech

“Stop asking women to take notes. We can lead the meeting, we can be the voice that is heard, we don’t need to be the one taking down the conversation in the corner.”

Katie O’Shea, Content Manager

“You don’t want to be the best woman at something, you want to be the best person at it.”

Maddie Hayden, Account Manager

I’ve never been afraid to reach out and ask for advice or help from women in this industry, which is extremely powerful.

Nicole Hopkins, Account Manager

“Women often have to work harder to prove their capabilities to earn the respect and trust that is more easily given to their male counterparts.”

Delilah Bennett, Account Manager

“The ‘women-helping-women’ culture that does exist is fantastic, but men should also put in the effort to join the conversation in order to understand where the gaps are and how they can support our initiatives.”



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