Reflecting on a Summer at 3Points

3Points Communications
3 min readSep 20, 2022


In Chicago, the summer always seems to go by quickly — quicker than a speeding L train! Lucky for us, we’ve had the privilege of spending our summers with talented interns who help us with many aspects of our media relations, social media, and operational work. This past summer was no exception. Ishita “Ishi” Nagpal, a rising sophomore at the University of Wisconsin Madison with a triple major in marketing, management, and international business, joined our team in May and put in tremendous work for both our Chicago Tech and Fintech clients.

Read on to learn, in Ishi’s words, about her summer at 3Points and her adventures in Chicago.

Those 25-pound textbooks that students spend hundreds of dollars a semester do not teach nearly as much as real-world experience. I started at 3Points in May 2022, and I have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge about the PR industry within just a few months. Coming in, all I knew about PR was that it stands for public relations. After this internship, I can comfortably explain concepts like press releases, media training, pitching, media lists, etc. I loved interacting with all the different clients at 3Points. I was able to immerse myself by working with several clients, from software companies to painting companies.

The client whose work most resonated with me was Kora. Kora is a budgeting app for college students. It was very exciting to work on a project for an app aimed at students like myself. I felt like I had a bit of an edge on this project as I know what college students want/need in a budgeting app. I even downloaded the app to explore its features to write better pitches. The app is simple to navigate and has categories for all the spending a student does (food/drink, clothing, textbooks, rent, utilities, etc.). I will continue to use this app this semester to budget and save money!

It has also been interesting to see foundational concepts from my textbooks and lectures play out at 3Points. In my marketing management class, we spent a great deal of time discussing earned, owned, and paid media. When I first heard about 3Points and began doing my research on the company, these concepts were the first things I saw on the website. Once I was on the team, I was able to see these strategies in action and use them to help create press releases, social media strategies, brand blueprints, etc.

Other than my work, my favorite part about my summer at 3Points was exploring Chicago. Chicago truly is one of the best cities and has so much to offer. The city of Chicago has everything: nightlife, restaurants, rooftops, beaches, boats, and a beautiful skyline. TikTok has given me some of the best recommendations of what to do in Chicago this summer, so it is hard to pick a favorite. All things considered, however, I will have to go with Jazzin’ at the Shedd. Every Wednesday in the summer, Shedd Aquarium hosts a live jazz band out on the terrace. The jazz band doesn’t start until later at night, so guests can roam the aquarium before the band performs. The event itself is very classy — everyone is dressed very well, there’s a cute dance floor, and there are stunning views from the terrace. Every Wednesday, Navy Pier has fireworks, and since Jazzin’ happens on Wednesdays as well, guests can see the fireworks from the terrace. That view of the Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan was the most beautiful one I have seen.

While I am sad to leave 3Points, I am so grateful for the experiences I had at this company and the people I was able to meet. My favorite part of any job is learning things you didn’t think you would learn. At 3Points, I learned about media interviews, the power of infographics, what to do at networking events, and the importance of always laughing at your boss’s jokes — no matter how bad. ;)

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