Recapping the First 3Points Winter Internship

3Points Communications
3 min readMar 16, 2018


Here in Chicago, you won’t find many people upset about winter turning into spring. We’re excited at 3Points as well, but the change of season does have one negative: it’s time to say goodbye to our winter intern, Northwestern junior Adam Curwin.

Over the past ten weeks, Adam has been a big help to us on a variety of projects, big and small. We’ll certainly miss his upbeat attitude and his knack for getting things done quickly and effectively — not to mention his prodigious abilities in both 1) finding new and innovative sitting positions in the office and 2) eating enormous quantities of food.

As he wraps up this week, Adam wrote a recap of 3Points his experience below.

Adam shows off his 3Points t-shirt and sunnies (while a mysterious 3Pointer watches from the background)

As my time at 3Points is coming to a close this Thursday, I’d like to use this space to look back and reflect on my experience.

It’s hard to believe I’ve already been with the team for 10 weeks. I’ve come so far. I remember on my first day, I learned what creating a media list is (aka one of the more mundane, but necessary, tasks in PR). I was so lost and didn’t know what I was getting myself into. After a steep learning curve, my days now include meaningful projects such as writing interview prep docs, pitch letters, press releases, thought-leadership blogs, and more. More importantly, though, I have learned valuable skills that I can take away from 3Points and apply to other aspects of my life. My writing and my verbal communication skills have greatly improved. I also learned how to function in the workplace: practicing effective communication with coworkers, maintaining an up-to-date calendar, and learning how to fit in with the company culture.

The most important things that I learned, I would say, are the fundamentals of running a small business. Drew really took the time to teach me what he has learned through his experiences. I learned the value of a slow-growing business with a budget versus a startup with endless spending and no budget. He taught me the value of good employees and effective ways to ensure the team is productive and successful. Running a small business takes hard work and extensive planning, and Drew showed me how it’s done.

This experience was truly enjoyable for me. In addition to learning about and working in PR, I loved getting to know everybody on the team and spending my days in the office. I also loved doing all of my classic “intern” tasks. Snack runs were definitely a highlight. I had the chance to buy whatever I wanted and share with the team. This may seem like a silly task, but it gave me the chance to get out of the office and be creative with my selections. It was pretty therapeutic during a long week. Additionally, building the office’s coffee table and going on Dunkin runs were always fun as well. [Editor’s Note: Our highlight had to be the time Adam ate a whole deep dish pizza for lunch.]

So what’s next for me?

I have two more quarters at Northwestern before I graduate in December 2018. For the upcoming summer, I will be returning to the summer camp where I have been a counselor for the past few years. When I graduate, will I jump into the PR industry? I’m not sure yet. I loved my time at 3Points, so it’s definitely something I’m considering, but I also have other diverse interests and still want to try out some new things before I commit to pursuing PR or communications. I may be studying abroad in the fall, so I want to leave my options open for opportunities that may arise during that period. I’m excited about the opportunities ahead of me, and if I join 3Points again in the future, I will definitely check back in on this blog!

Until next time, thanks for an amazing experience, 3Points!