Mother Knows Best: Business Lessons from the 3Pointer Moms — 3Points Communications

  • Giving 100% to your loved ones and your work is hard, but worth it. Will Ruben, from his mother, Josie
  • Always treat others with respect, because if you lose respect, you lose everything. Lorna Kiewert, from her mother, SueAllyn
  • No matter what you do in your career, contentment is not primarily derived from income, title, or material wealth. Drew Mauck, from his mother, Rosemary
  • Work hard, but never forget to recognize the dignity of every person you meet, no matter who they are. Katie O’Shea, from her mother, Nina
  • Treat others how you would like to be treated. Sam Svoboda, from his mother, Jill
  • If you always take the high road, you’ll always be glad that you did. Madeline Hayden, from her mother, Suzie
  • Inner beauty is far more important than the premise of any cosmetic product. Juliet Sage, from her mother, Lynne
  • Make your bed every morning. It’s not about creating a neat sleeping space, but rather a routine that will change the way you approach your tasks the rest of the day. Jeffrey Rabin, from his mother, Shelly
  • Work efficiently and accurately, taking time to make sure you do the job correctly. Mike Costanzo, from his mother, Amy



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