Meet the first of our 2018 summer interns: Notre Dame’s Chris Brendza

2018 has already been a banner year for 3Points interns — whereas we’d previously only had one intern in the office at a time, and only over summer breaks, we’ve already had two Northwestern interns (Adam & Anthony) helping us out through the first two quarters of this year. And this summer, we’re excited to have a record three interns in the office.

It may not feel like summer in Chicago yet, but we just welcomed the first of those summer interns this week. Chris Brendza just finished his junior year at Notre Dame (following in the footsteps of our 2017 summer intern, ND’s Anna Bradley), where he is majoring in marketing and English. Learn a little more about Chris via the Q&A below!

What interested you about 3Points?

What are you looking forward to learning this summer?

What has been your favorite class at ND?

What’s something interesting about Notre Dame that most people might not know?

What types of things do you like to do outside of school?

Chris has already dunked all over our Instagram. Literally.

You grew up in the area here — what are you looking forward to doing in Chicago while you’re back this summer?

PR & Communications for Fintech & Chicago Tech.

PR & Communications for Fintech & Chicago Tech.