Meet our Winter Intern, Anne Riley

What excites you about PR?

What are you most interested in learning during your internship at 3Points?

What was your favorite class you took at Iowa?

You’ve worked in a few marketing and communication roles within the sports industry. Can you tell us a bit about these roles, and what interesting things you learned about the sports world?

You recently took a trip to Europe — what was your favorite part of your trip?

  • When staying in hostels, you meet so many people from all over the world. The hostel I stayed at in Prague was so welcoming — they made me feel like family from the second I walked in. I met so many amazing people there and I can see myself staying connected with at least a couple of them in the long term.
  • I took a “Dumplings and Goulash” cooking class, and the host was more than welcoming. She not only let me cook alongside her, but also taught me about the traditions and culture of the city.
  • Shoutout to 3Points’ Sam Svoboda for the recommendations — I was able to jump right into the city and almost feel like a local! There weren’t too many other tourists in January, so while I did do extremely touristy activities, I also was able to spend some time off the beaten path, which made my time in Prague feel very authentic.




PR & Communications for Fintech & Chicago Tech.

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3Points Communications

PR & Communications for Fintech & Chicago Tech.

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