Meet our newest spring intern, Juliet Sage

You’ve already amassed a great deal of marketing experience for a college junior — what are some of the key lessons you’ve learned so far?

My experiences in the marketing field thus far have allowed me to gain an understanding about how brands connect with consumers. Most of my extracurricular and internship experiences have pertained to marketing strategy, so I have learned how to evaluate and synthesize data and produce competitive landscape analyses. I have also acquired valuable insights about how brands derive, strategize, and implement marketing strategies.

What are you most excited to learn in your time at 3Points?

Since my previous internship and professional experiences were predominantly in the marketing field, and shopper marketing in particular, I am especially interested in moving upstream along the consumer decision journey by further exploring communications and public relations. Ultimately, people feel connected to brands and companies due to their brand values and reputations. Crafting and articulating an authentic brand identity is crucial in today’s world, and I therefore look forward to gaining an understanding of how brands successfully interact with the general public and get their names out there.

What’s your favorite class you’ve taken at Northwestern?

During my first quarter at Northwestern, I took Psychology of Personality with Professor Dan McAdams. As a trepid and unseasoned college student, I didn’t know what to expect from a university class, yet this course set a high bar for all classes to follow. McAdams, the chair of Northwestern’s Department of Psychology, is both renowned in his field and engaging in his lectures. This course afforded me the opportunity to study how people come to be the unique individuals that they are. Moreover, I was able to apply theories about dispositional traits, personal goals, and narrative identity to Oprah, so if you would like to know more about my analysis of her, feel free to reach out!

What do you like to do outside of your classes?

When I’m not in the classroom, you’ll probably find me in a student organization meeting. I am the president of Mark, Northwestern’s student-run advertising agency, so I am often working with clients and ensuring our projects are running smoothly. I also serve as the VP Fundraising for UNITY, Northwestern’s charity fashion show that benefits arts and literature education programs in underfunded Chicago public schools. You may see me selling Insomnia cookies or custom sweatshirts to support this incredible cause! When I’m not in meetings, I spend time managing @spoon_nu, a food instagram for Spoon University at Northwestern, and doing freelance graphic design for various student organizations on campus.

Coming from New York, what have you enjoyed most about Chicago?

Born and raised in Manhattan, I like to think of myself as a New Yorker. However, I find Chicago’s midwestern spirit to be incredibly refreshing. Strangers are consistently kind here, always opening doors and wishing me a good day. Even though I had to grow accustomed to Chicagoans’ lack of cynicism, I’ve grown to love the city’s positive vibes.



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