Meet our new content strategist, Jessica Livingston

What do you like about PR and communications?

What I fancy most about PR and communications is the creativity and strategy that goes into each project. I value process just as much as product, and being able to take an individualized approach to every project is a great way to develop ideas that really suit the client’s needs.

What interested you in 3Points specifically?

3Points sparked my interest because of its cross-functional team and reputation for high-quality work. I wanted to work for a firm that would encourage me to ask questions and support me when embracing challenges. 3Points provides a comfortable, yet energetic, environment where professionals can thrive and develop their skills to advanced levels.

You’re an experienced designer — what do you think are three crucial elements of good design? And are those different for web design versus graphic design?

The three crucial elements to any kind of design are: 1) research, 2) style, and 3) function. In order for a design concept to communicate the desired message, it has to be grounded in research, so that the designer knows the details needed for crafting an effective visual message. The style of the design is crucial because it helps the design get noticed by the target audience, and communicates the emotional appeal of the design. The function of the design is a key element because good design means nothing if it is not used properly. Whether it be digital or print, the design needs to function with the communication platform, otherwise it can’t be fully utilized or do its job.

You spent the past year on a Fulbright in the Czech Republic — what kind of work were you doing there?

During my Fulbright grant, I taught English at the Secondary School of Design in Prostejov. I helped students develop their English skills through cultural exchange and immersion. My students were extremely creative, and together we used art and design as a platform for enlightening conversations, in-depth readings, and culturally-inspired projects.

What was your favorite part about living in Czech Republic?

My favorite part about living in the Czech Republic was getting introduced to a different culture and having the opportunity to fully immerse myself in something new. Czech culture differs in so many ways in comparison to U.S. culture, and being able to see and experience the differences every day was something I never got tired of.

What are you most excited to do now that you’re back in Chicago?

I am most excited to integrate my newfound passions into my everyday life here in Chicago. I grew a love for painting, creative writing, and baking while I was in the Czech Republic, and those are activities I never really did before. And, of course, I am excited to have unlimited access to Chicago’s food culture.



PR & Communications for Fintech & Chicago Tech.

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