Meet FinTech Ranger: An Up-and-Coming Chicago Tech Consultancy

Mike Cavanaugh joined 3Points as our business development consultant in early 2017, and we are so grateful for the support he’s given us and the new opportunities we’ve been able to pursue as a result of his many connections in the Chicago tech scene. (Plus, he’s just an all-around great guy.) But the 3Points hat is just one of several that Mike wears — he consults for multiple other companies, and he recently launched a new project as well. Mike started FinTech Ranger, a tech consulting firm, last year, and has already helped a number of new companies grow and attract capital. We spoke to Mike about the company, his approach, and more.

Tell us about FinTech Ranger: what does it do, who does it serve, etc.?

I have never met a business owner who doesn’t want to grow their company, but not everyone is ready to pull the trigger. There’s a difference between a CEO who says he or she want to grow and a CEO who actually goes for it. The companies that hire consultants to help them grow have made up their minds that the time is now. We are here to help companies grow when they’re ready to do so.

Each company is different, so we have a process to identify where growth is bottlenecking — we ask a lot of questions, we research and analyze other companies that are having success, and we begin offering up solutions. From there, we stay on board to monitor activity and help where we can with strategy execution. We call our services the “3Cs”: Coaching, Capital Raising, and Customer Acquisition.

What was your impetus for starting the company?

What led you to feel that now is the time in your career to branch out and start your own business?

Is there much competition out there in this area? How does FTR differ from its peer organizations?

For us specifically, knowing what is important in the FinTech world is a key differentiator. Learning which technology is useful and what a company will spend money on is a discovery process that can take a long time and cost valuable resources. Being able to identify a use case for a service or a product in the FinTech ecosystem is half of the battle. Leveraging our network of CEOs and decision-makers in the industry is a valuable resource that cannot be overlooked.

How does your background working in an advising role to various Chicago companies inform your decision making as Managing Partner at FTR?

How has former 3Points analyst Chris Crisanti been of help to you in establishing FTR?

What are some of the goals you have in the coming months?

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