Meet Bailey Doyle, our new fall intern

When the seasons change in Chicago, our interns change as well. We were sad to say goodbye to our summer interns, Nick and Kayla, earlier this month, but as we gear up for another busy fall we’re excited to have new interns to help us keep the momentum going.

The first of those fall interns is Bailey Doyle. A native of suburban Tinley Park, Bailey graduated from the University of Iowa last spring with a degree in journalism & mass communication. Get to know her via the Q&A below!

When I began my first semester in college, I had no idea what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I always liked being creative and loved talking to other people and building relationships. So, a year later, when I learned what PR was for the first time through UIowa’s Journalism school, I thought, “Wow, this seems like a perfect fit.” Fortunately, it was, and I have loved everything about PR and communications since!

I was drawn to 3Points because the company is small but mighty. Despite being a company of fewer than 20 people, they make a name for themselves within the fintech and Chicago tech markets and are well respected. Therefore, I thought it would be an excellent place for me to learn and expand on my PR and communications skills.

As I was a journalism and mass communication major, there were so many classes available to me, ranging from traditional news writing to strategic communication. By far my favorite course was one I took in the first semester of my senior year, ”Topics in Media Production,” in which we were taught how to create videos for social and mobile platforms. It was super cool to watch my videos come to life and look like something that would come from a professional!

Did you know that Tinley Park is proud to be the birthplace of five renowned Indy 500 drivers? Tony Bettenhausen, his sons Gary, Merle, and Tony Jr., and their cousin Emil Andres!

My favorite thing about Chicago in the fall is going to football games with my family. Go Bears!

While the boneless spun in Honey BBQ sauce is definitely the most popular order and always a classic choice, the chicken buffalitos with a side of potato wedges is an underrated combo that I always enjoy!



PR & Communications for Fintech & Chicago Tech.

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