Let’s Kick a Beat with Jim Dallke of Chicago Inno

Can you give our readers some background on Chicago Inno? How and when did Chicago Inno come about? What is the publication’s mission?

How much do you work with the Inno teams in other cities?

What is your role at Inno? How long have you been there? How did you end up there?

How did you end up writing about tech?

You mentioned writing for Cincinnati sometimes — do you often write for other cities?

Does every Inno city have The Beat? Or just Chicago?

How long has The Beat newsletter been around? What’s the process for putting it together?

Does all that responsibility ever get to you?

What do you think it means to be a tech journalist today?

On a broader level, what do you think it means to be a journalist in general today?

We really enjoy the “Rants & Ramblings” section of The Beat what’s your favorite “Rants & Ramblings” you’ve ever sent out?

How do you think the Chicago tech scene compares to other cities’?

We know reporters are constantly getting pitches from people like us — what makes for a pitch that you actually want to read and follow up on?

Any suggestions for opening paragraphs or subject lines?

How do you spread the word about Inno?



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