Introducing the New 3Points

3Points Communications
4 min readMay 29, 2019

This past April marked 3Points’ ninth anniversary, and as such, we’ve been thinking a lot about how we’ve grown and changed since the beginning, and how we can keep evolving to the betterment of our clients and ourselves.

This has meant considering a number of factors, including our current company branding. After a lot of consideration and work, we’ve made significant changes to how we present our business from a visual perspective.

Today, we’re sharing the new 3Points with you.

Our New Branding

Being a PR firm, we understand the power of branding as it shapes people’s perceptions both inside and outside of the company.

Over the past few months, we’ve been examining our branding — much of which has remained the same since our founding in 2010 — and whether it effectively represents our company as it is today. We started by thinking about what’s core to 3Points, then considered how that will impact our branding going forward.

The number 3

Here at 3Points, most everything revolves around 3.

Our name originates from the “Rule of Three,” which makes the claim that, to be persuasive, there should be three key points in an argument. This principle continues to guide the content we produce and the counsel we give our clients. Time and again, it has proven effective — there is power in conciseness.

We have three core service offerings: earned media, owned media, and social media. These services are the pillars of what we do at 3Points.

Grit, authenticity, and precision

Another thing that comes in three is our core values: grit, authenticity, and precision. These three values are the distilled way of looking at how we do business. We strive to live these values every day by working hard, getting the details right, and staying true to ourselves.


It may sound contradictory, but one of the most consistent attributes of our company has been change. We value change as a core part of our business, because we understand that no business can achieve and maintain success by staying the same. From the very start of a relationship with a client, we remind them of this. Yes, some things, like a company’s core values, may not change, but other things must necessarily evolve, because the world around you is constantly evolving.

Sometimes, it can be hard to embrace change in certain arenas — change can feel uncomfortable or destabilizing. But it’s necessary.

And that brings us to our new look. Because we value change, and because we as a company have changed, we decided it was time to evolve our look and feel.

Our new logo, pictured here, represents the key parts of our brand that we identified above.

The three orbs were one element that we knew we had to keep, because they visually articulate our company name effectively.

However, we wanted to better represent the dynamism we value, so we chose to give the orbs a kind of depth and movement. The swirling within the orbs encapsulates our commitment to both evolution and depth of the services we offer. The different shades within the orbs suggest the nuance of the work we produce, and their swirling together suggests their intertwined nature.

We chose a font that also suggests, with its modern look, evolution, and, with its angular 3, precision (one of our core values). The sharp 3 contrasts with the roundness of the word “Points” because, while it’s important to keep things smooth and well rounded, you need a point or an edge to make your voice stand out.

We also dropped the word “communications” from the logo, in the interest of simplicity and increasing the impact of the name and logo. We’re embracing the conciseness that is part of our identity.

To celebrate and articulate this new look, we created this video.

Our Next Steps

We believe a rebrand should not just be surface-level, and that firms should “live the values” of their branding. As such, 3Points is continuing to evolve as well — in a few weeks, we will be officially bringing on three (it had to be three) new full-time hires. It’s the most we’ve ever expanded our team at one time, but we’re excited to continue to grow.

Where will we go next? Keep an eye on our blog — as well as our new website and various social media channels — to see more of our evolution in action.