How To Be Seen Through All The Noise: Leveraging Design In Public Relations

Brand Reinforcement

Feature Images

People often look before they read when surfing the web, so supporting your content with a visual element can be an effective way of attracting attention. This is particularly true on social media — Twitter itself states that people are “three times more likely to engage with Tweets that contain videos and photos.” A few powerful ways to catch a viewer’s eye are with vector graphics, raster images, and animations.


A great way to pique an audience’s interest is to provide tidbits of relevant facts and industry data. Most people browsing media won’t stop to analyze and pick apart a paragraph of numbers, which is why designing infographics and data visualizations can be a more effective way to communicate. Infographics are vector graphic images used to efficiently communicate important facts and figures. By creating and sharing infographics, it is easier to build awareness and establish relevance or urgency for a cause. For example, UNICEF provides viewers with progress and outcome data, which keeps sponsors and donors informed and up-to-date on each of the projects they support. Being able to show the direct impact of your organization’s work is powerful because it makes people more likely to get involved.



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