Get to Know the 3Points Summer Intern, Anna Bradley

3Points Communications
3 min readJun 6, 2017
Anna Bradley, the 2017 3Points summer intern

In addition to our new Account Director, 3Points welcomed our summer intern last week. Anna Bradley, a rising senior at the University of Notre Dame studying Anthropology and Theology, is revamping our social media accounts to keep them fresh and engaging. She will also be shadowing 3Points’ full-timers in client meetings and helping with various office projects. Anna has been an undergraduate research assistant at ND’s Center for Ethics and Culture for the past three years, and is adding a marketing internship with the athletic department to her plate in the fall. She was also recently elected the Social Media and Publicity Officer of ND’s Chapter of She’s the First, and she is excited to gain skills at 3Points that will help her in that role.

We asked Anna a few questions to get to know her and to get inside the head of the next-generation consumer — here is what we learned:

Given your background, what got you interested in PR?

I spent a lot of time discerning what kind of internship I should pursue, and I chose PR because it’s the ideal combination of skills that I already have and things that I want to learn. It’s a fast-paced field with a lot of opportunities for growth and relevancy in our ever-changing culture, and I think my academic background segues well into my role at 3Points. In Anthro and Theo I dissect human behavior to try to understand how people function both as individuals and in their broader communities as well, which ties into understanding consumer behavior. Studying cultural phenomena doesn’t hurt, either — it keeps me ready for the next big trend that a PR professional can market to their advantage.

What made 3Points stand out to you?

There were 3Things I evaluated at each of the agencies into which I looked. The first impression I had was the website: Was it cohesive? Professional looking? Straightforward and not filled with meaningless jargon meant to impress the viewer? The second factor I took into account was my first conversation with someone at the agency. I lucked out and got to talk to both Will and Drew during my first phone call, and their energy and affability really encouraged me to apply. The third was research about what other people think of 3Points. This involved some online “creeping,” as the Millennials say, and the positive reviews sold me.

Where do you go for news?

The stereotypes about people in my generation not bothering to read print anymore are true. (Sad!) Even though I love a good hard copy, finding news online is so easy and efficient. I read a lot of articles from news sources via Twitter (NYT, WSJ, and Bloomberg to up my #financialliteracy), and am occasionally tempted by a peer’s Facebook share if it’s not overtly political. I also subscribe to theSkimm, which gives me a great summary of the most important trending news to start my day.

Thoughts on how to reach the next generation consumer?

I don’t want an article that reads like a how-to manual or a classroom PowerPoint filled with overly technical lingo and too many comma clauses. I want to feel like you’re creating a dialogue with me while at the same time delivering accurate information and keeping it candid and concise.

I’m also attracted to those companies (or news sources) that demonstrate concern for causes bigger than themselves. If they want to promote an authentic good in the world, that’s a big plus in my book. Some examples are Dove promoting body positivity, TOMS and their provision of shoes, or even Google with its attempts to be environmentally conscious.

Are you excited to be in Chicago for the summer?

Absolutely. I love my college town but there’s a lot more on offer in Chicago. I’m a little worried I won’t have enough time to eat all the food I want to try in the city, but I have a feeling I’ll be back.