Get to know our Winter PR Intern, Madeline Hayden

Earlier this month, we welcomed our first 3Points design intern, Chenyu Jiang. It’s been exciting to launch a new internship here, especially with our traditional PR internship program still going strong. We’re sad to see our fall intern Jake head back home to England, but we’re thrilled to have our new winter intern, Madeline Hayden, taking his place.

Maddie recently finished up her Bachelor of Science degree at Minnesota State University, Mankato, and has jumped head-first into work here at 3Points, even filling in as a photographer at last week’s Securities Traders Association of Chicago conference. Learn more about Maddie via the Q&A below!

I have always had a knack for writing, so PR and communications is fascinating to me because it is built on the foundation of storytelling. I was also drawn to PR because of the relationship aspect. I find the process of building and maintaining relationships with clients exciting and rewarding. PR and communications careers are unique because you can become involved in any industry. Whether it be health, technology, or any field in between, there is always a need for PR. It makes for an adventurous career.

I am looking forward to developing a deeper understanding of this multifaceted industry. It will be so beneficial to see the process of a project from start to finish. I plan to push myself to strengthen my communication skills and elevate my writing. I am eager to apply what I learn to assist my team in making our clients’ goals a reality.

My favorite course was called Basic Mass Media Writing. I enjoyed the class because of the professor. He treated the class as if he were a client — he set strict deadlines and created a real-world environment. This was my first taste of public relations, and I was hooked. My professor set a high standard that helped prepare us for the fast-paced work atmosphere. I developed a broad understanding of PR writing, and truly enjoyed writing every press release, case study, and interview we were assigned. To this day I still use his lecture notes and material to guide my writing!

I was the Public Relations and Social Media Chair for my chapter. Becoming a PRSSA member was a pivotal point in my life. I was able to befriend students with the same career interests who were also dedicated to preparing for the future. PRSSA helped build a foundation for what to expect in the business world. I chose to run for the chair position because I wanted to increase students’ awareness of the organization. In previous years, PRSSA was not well-known around campus, so I pledged to educate students, specifically mass media students, about the benefits of PRSSA and the importance of preparing for life after graduation. Members have the advantage of making industry connections and strengthening their PR skills in an environment other than the classroom.

I love food, so I am eager to explore all of the restaurants Chicago has to offer. From the hole-in-the-wall spots to the city’s most popular, I want to try them all. I am particularly interested in visiting The Bassment Chicago. It is a speakeasy-esque music lounge that is only accessible through a hidden door. I’m looking forward to it’s novelty experience. I come from a suburb outside of Minneapolis that does not have a wide variety, so I’m ready to enjoy a meal from a restaurant other than Applebee’s or Chili’s. My go-to appetizer is beer cheese pretzels, so I plan to hunt down the best in the city.

My favorite State Fair food is Sweet Martha’s Cookies. [Editor’s Note: Excellent choice.] They are fresh out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies that are served in a huge bucket. Add a glass of milk and it’s the perfect combo! Fun Fact: The Sweet Martha’s cookie stand can bake up to 3 million cookies a day and brought in $4.3 million in cookie sales in 12 days during the 2017 fair season.



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