Get to know our newest Northwestern intern, Anthony Petrone

3Points Communications
3 min readApr 24, 2018


Last quarter, we had our first ever intern in the office during the academic year, as Northwestern junior Adam Curwin joined us for his winter quarter. Adam wrote about his experience here — on our end, it was such a positive experience that we 1) are having Adam continue to work part-time this spring, and 2) brought in another Northwestern intern for the spring quarter as well.

Anthony Petrone is also a junior majoring in Learning and Organizational Change. He’s originally from Orlando, Florida, where he was a state champion in wrestling, and he is currently on the Northwestern wrestling team. Get to know Anthony a little better via the Q&A below.

What interested you about a PR internship, and specifically about 3Points?

I really wanted to explore more deeply how PR firms operate and how they work with companies to help them shape and grow their brand as a whole. What interested me about 3Points is that it is a smaller company and I felt that I would be able to learn more from being able to talk and connect with everyone who works at the company. So far I think I made the right decision by joining the team.

What are you looking forward to learning here?

I want to learn more about what PR firms do on a daily basis for their clients and the behind-the-scenes of how organizations actually grow their brand recognition and credibility by using companies like 3Points.

What has been your favorite class at Northwestern so far?

My favorite class at Northwestern was my Entrepreneurship class where we were divided into groups and assigned to create our own start-up with a product idea that we had to come up with. Throughout the class, we learned about all the factors that need to be considered when launching a product, like knowing your target audience, identifying your competitors, deciding what marketing strategies will be the most effective, and calculating the production costs of manufacturing. Overall, it was a very fun and interesting class.

When we asked Adam for an interesting fact about Northwestern, he informed us that the largest and most popular class is Intro to Russian Literature. Any other interesting factoids about the school you can tell us?

Northwestern is the home of the Dearborn Observatory, which during the 1860s was the largest telescope in the world. It is still open for public viewing today.

On a similar note, you’re on the Northwestern wrestling team — what’s something interesting about wrestling that most people might not know?

Something that people may not know is that wrestlers usually have to cut weight to make a certain weight-class every week before their matches. And no, it’s not unhealthy if you do it the right way.

We’re intrigued — how does that work?

The main key to cutting weight the right way is to not cut water out until the night before weigh-ins. What most people don’t know is that athletes in general lose more water weight during an exercise session than one would expect. This is why people may be surprised when they hear wrestlers say they can lose 5–7 lbs. in a practice, but really it’s just because they are the only athletes who truly pay attention to their weight fluctuations on a daily basis. Since wrestlers are very in tune with their bodies, they can accurately estimate how much weight they lose after workouts, throughout the normal day, and after a night of sleep. This allows them to understand what amount of solids and liquids they can take in as they get closer to the weigh-in date. Wrestlers don’t actually starve themselves as much as people think — it really is only one to two days before the weigh-in that wrestlers start to actually cut down on their food consumption, and once they do weigh in, they make sure to completely replenish their bodies.

What do you enjoy outside of school?

Outside of school, I enjoy hanging out with my friends and being social, whether it be going to the city or playing video games together. I also like playing hockey or golf whenever I get a chance.