Get to know our new design lead, Jeffrey Rabin

In a recent blog article, we talked about our new 3Points branding and website, which better represent our firm’s evolving identity. We have two people to thank for creating our firm’s new look and feel: Chenyu Jiang, our first design intern, and Jeffrey Rabin, our new design lead.

Since you’ve now gotten to know some of their work, we wanted to introduce you to the people behind the pictures, animations, and web pages. A couple months back on our blog, we introduced Chenyu, who created our new logo and the video about it — now meet Jeffrey, who created our new website design and continues to create new branding materials for us. Read on to learn more about Jeffrey and his thoughts on design.

What principles do you think are most important for effective design?

How would you describe your design style?

Is there a specific designer or artist who has influenced you the most?

What interests you about designing for a communications firm?

What was your visual strategy when creating our new website?

You’re a big Marvel fan — which Marvel character do you think has the best design?

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