Fun in our Futures: Our Favorite Moments from FIA’s Global Conference Calendar

FIA Expo — Taste of Expo

FIA Boca — Basketball and Brews at the Boca Beach Club

  • The bona fide media are there in full force! As a PR firm that takes pride in domain expertise, we at 3Points have found the journalists who make their way to this event to be accessible, hungry, very knowledgeable, and, without a doubt, in a great mood.
  • After the peak of the conference, when many folks are heading back to their home cities, I take an afternoon at the Boca Beach Club to catch as much March Madness as I can. Normally this contingent of hoop lovers will crack a Corona and belly up to the bar, and — as evidenced by FIA CEO Walt Lukken’s Twitter profile pic , which shows him twirling a b-ball on his finger — watching hoops and debriefing about the conference is considered time well spent. It may not be an official part of the event, but it is my favorite. — Drew Mauck, CEO at 3Points

FIA IDX — Futures for Kids Gala Dinner

The FIA IDX Gala

FIA Asia — The Great Debate

FIA Law & Compliance — The Lawyer Jokes



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