Flipping the Script: Scott Kitun of Technori on Chicago Tech, Startup Culture, and the Evolution of Crowdfunding

Thanks for talking with us, Scott. Most importantly, how have you, your family, and your business associates held up these past few months?

Most folks in Chicago tech are familiar with Technori, but for those that are not familiar, please tell us about what you do and why you do it.

How have you evolved as an interviewer since your work as host was not something you aspired to be coming out of college?

Speaking of which, glorification of early stage companies and their founders can lead to incorrect estimations of what is required to launch a successful technology company — do you ever think that we as communicators in this Chicago tech space go too far with our adulation?

When should a startup stop using the term “startup” to describe itself?

How will the pandemic, and more specifically the majority of the tech workforce going remote, affect the cities that traditionally have represented tech excellence and entrepreneurship?

What are a few cool pivots you’ve seen from Chicago tech companies that were made because of COVID-19?

  • PartySlate — they’re leaning into and embracing the future of digital events. Their pivot to connecting people online ensures that companies are staying engaged and are productive.
  • Rheaply — they are a circular economy company that set up a PPE Market with the City of Chicago. [NOTE: Rheaply is a 3Points client.]
  • Keeper Security — they have been booming already, but they will be booming even more. Remote workers need to take their laptops out of the office, which increases the chances of security breaches. During any time of crisis or chaos, that is the most likely time to get hacked — everyone is very vulnerable. Keeper didn’t have to pivot, but the market pivoted for them.

Very importantly, who are a few people of color in Chicago’s tech ecosystem that more people should know about?

What’s next for Technori?




PR & Communications for Fintech & Chicago Tech. www.3ptscomm.com

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PR & Communications for Fintech & Chicago Tech. www.3ptscomm.com

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