Flipping the Script: Kristi Ross on the Entrepreneurial Spirit, Financial Media, and Chicago Tech (Part 1)

Please tell us a little about your professional background.

You’ve recorded over 2,000 “Bootstrapping in America” episodes. If someone has never seen the show before, which episodes would you recommend?

Even though you’ve interviewed thousands of innovative entrepreneurs and likely gleaned some interesting strategies for keeping tastytrade innovative, it’s no small feat that you have helped create and maintain a culture of innovation. What can you tell our readers about how you and your colleagues do that?

Where do you go for information on financial technology and or the markets?

What are the key trends you foresee for financial media as we approach 2020? For capital markets?




PR & Communications for Fintech & Chicago Tech. www.3ptscomm.com

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3Points Communications

3Points Communications

PR & Communications for Fintech & Chicago Tech. www.3ptscomm.com

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