Comms, Cubs, and Chicago Pizza: Catching up with former intern Katherine Lee

How did you initially find 3Points?

It was pretty straightforward. I remember searching “boutique PR firms Chicago” — I found the 3Points site and I really liked the layout and the content. (I later learned you had recently redone the site.)

What have you been up to since your internship here? And what are you doing now?

I graduated from Northwestern in August 2017 with both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees — Northwestern has an accelerated master’s program. Technically, I was done with my BA at the end of my junior year, so I kind of graduated early and went into my master’s program. The master’s was still in journalism, but it was business journalism.

What projects do you remember most from your time at 3Points?

I definitely remember the social media project I did, where I went with Sam and Lorna to give a presentation on how to be a “brand ambassador” for your company. Of course, as a journalism student, I knew the dos and don’ts of Twitter, but I had never considered all the things employees need to think about before they tweet. It was also the first time I got to go to a client site, so overall it was a rewarding experience.

Any favorite memories from your time at 3Points?

I went to my first Cubs game with the 3Points team — it was part of a client event. Lorna, Drew, and Will were there, and they had to explain everything to me because I didn’t know anything about baseball. Actually, Chicago had a lot of sports achievements that happened while I was there — I also fondly remember going to the Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup parade with the whole team. That was one of the perks of working at boutique firm: I got to know everyone well, and it felt like I was part of the family by the end of the summer.

Katherine Lee (far left) and the 3Points team at the 2015 Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup parade

How do you like living in NYC?

I love it! Because I’m from Seoul, I always feel more comfortable in bigger cities. In college, I always felt more at home in Chicago than Evanston. New York is an even busier city than Chicago — I like that aspect of it. It’s a very bustling, crowded city with a lot of people from different cultures and countries. As someone from somewhere else, it’s always nice to see what everyone’s bringing to the city.

Any restaurants you would recommend there? And, more importantly, how do you feel about New York pizza?

To be honest, I like Chicago pizza better than New York pizza, so I won’t recommend any pizza places here. [Editor’s Note: We told you our interns are smart.]

What are your career goals for the future?

I try to think about them on two fronts: professional and personal. Professionally, even though I’ve been in this field for a short time, I see myself working in communications long-term. I want to be a trusted advisor for companies so they can learn the importance of communications in any situation. I remember as a journalism major, I loved hearing about other people’s stories — now I want to help companies tell their own stories.

Katherine Lee (bottom right) with her colleagues at FTI Consulting



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