Behind the Design: How (and Why) We Switched to Graphic Headshots

When you were first given this assignment, how did you approach the project?

What are vector graphics and why are they useful?

Throughout the process, what do you think was the toughest part of creating the headshots?

Sample of my layer organization that made it easier to rework finished files.
The closed mouth is the revision to the original smile, which hadn’t translated well in vector form.

As the process went on, did it get easier? Or harder? How long did these all take?

Each element of these brown eyes — pupils, highlights, irises, and whites — were copied, placed, and reshaped to fit several team members.

With this being your last project at 3Points, we want to take the time to ask you what your favorite project with 3Points was. Was it the headshots, or something else?



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