A Matter of Perspective: Putting Your Best Face Forward in a Video-Driven Working World

“Wait, sorry, I was on mute”

“Can everyone see me okay?”

“My room is a little messy — I hope it’s not too distracting.”

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know we were supposed to be on video”

Conference calls don’t always need to be on video, but when they are, you want to make sure everyone is on the same page. At 3Points, we’ve found that putting a V in parentheses in a meeting title — for example, “Weekly Check-in (V)” — is an easy shorthand for letting participants know that it will be a video-powered meeting. Or, you could mention that the meeting will be on camera in the meeting description. Whatever method you choose, you should, as the host, be sure that participants understand it. And if you’re a participant, make sure to check your schedule the night before so you know if you are requested to be on video.

“Whoops, I’ve got a lot of tabs left open!”

“Sorry, I’ve got a little background noise”

“Can you repeat that one again?”



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